Cotton Gold,


Pure cottonseed oil is now available in consumer packs for the first time in South Africa. It is known not to mask but enhance the food flavour. It is the gold standard against which the taste profiles of other oils is measured. It, therefore, brings out the real food flavours in all types of cooking be it deep frying, marinades, stir fry, sauces, baking, salads dressings etc. Loved the world over for centuries, the product is now available thanks to major investment in technology and processing facilities by Food Specialities.




Pure Cottonseed Oil

⦿ It enhances the natural flavours of your good food

⦿ The tocopherol in cottonseed oil keeps the food fresh for longer being a natural antioxidant.

⦿ The oil does not burn easily, and the remaining oil is often reused.

⦿ In a clinical trial in the USA, diet enriched with cottonseed oil caused greater reduction in cholesterol levels compared to diet enriched in olive oil*.

⦿ A proudly South African product, made in our factory under strict quality supervision.