Butterlicious Dishes

Blended and tested by our expert chefs, Divine brings you the unique blend of pure soybean and cottonseed oils, high in polyunsaturated fatty acids and a source of omega 3*. The natural buttery flavour makes Divine the smart, tasty choice for all types of cooking. Treat your family and friends to divine food flavours today.




Make and enjoy Butterlicious Dishes with the unique blend of cottonseed and soybean oil

⦿ Divine is a unique blend of pure cottonseed and soybean oil which impacts a delicious, buttery flavour to the food.

⦿ It makes food crispy, buttery but not oily.

⦿ It lasts much longer than other cooking oils.

⦿ Concept Foods has regular supplies as Food Specialities Bottling plant is in Durban.

⦿ A proudly South African product, made in our factory under strict quality supervision.

⦿ This special soybean and cottonseed oil blend has been tested, tried, and marketed in many countries and remains a premium preferred product due to its ability to impart a buttery, delicious flavour to the food.

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